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Friday, 20 February 2015

Dark Invaders

During October around the estuaries of the East and South coast of England Dark-bellied Brent Geese (Branta bernicla) can be observed. They arrive from the Baltic and stay until March. 
Some 90,000 plus visit during that period. They are not much bigger than a Mallard in reality. They eat eelgrass, field grass, cereals and other crops found on farmland where they visit during the day and return to the shoreline at night.

These images were taken at Titchwell Marsh Reserve in Norfolk this week.
I will be posting other observations as and when I can get them sorted out.


  1. The lighting in thee shots are great and your flight shots and close ups are superb

  2. Right up there with them in the sky! Short of bill, stumpy of tail

  3. One of the prettier looking geese to my mind Roy and always good to see and hear, as they 'chatter' away to each other.
    And you've captured some lovely flight shots of them here too...[;o)

  4. Super views of my favourite winter Goose. Their guttural sounds are synonymous with our coastal habitats at this time of year.

  5. Fantastic photos Roy and brilliant ones of the close-ups of geese in flight. Thanks for visiting my blog and you are correct, that is the Norfolk Navy Base.

  6. Bonsoir Roy
    Tes bernaches sont merveilleuses. Très belles lumières, bravo.
    Chez moi aussi elles sont très nombreuses l'hiver.

  7. Beautiful captures! I love the close up flight shots.

  8. Really wonderful to see these geese. The fly images are gorgeous!


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