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Friday 13 February 2015

The Celebrity

I did say the previous post about the temporary local resident Stonechat was going to be the last.
However, he is such a star that you can't resist taking another shot as you walk by his little patch in the Parkland. Dependent on the prevailing light his colourings and overall markings show up differently. He is also changing into his Spring coat.

I'm guessing he will be gone soon moving North, but he certainly lived and ate well whilst here. 
He would also have been photographed/observed many times during his stay by local Birders and visitors alike.


  1. he is SO BEAUTIFUL and great shots of him Roy

  2. Stunning little bird, and it's markings show well in both photos, could easily be misted thinking it was just a Sparrow form a distance..
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda. He is quite unmistakable once you have seen, but the female could be at a distance.

  3. A couple more great shots Roy! He is starting to look quite dapper!
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  4. Thought Stonechat were birds of the warmer months? Remember seeing my first ones in Boscastle in June

  5. The first shot especially is a real cracker Roy.

  6. Awesome !! Truly beautiful pictures of the stonechat. Sharp, clear and brilliant detail. My compliments.

  7. Super little bird, and great shots again! :-)

  8. Wonderful shots!

  9. Oh he is so beautiful indeed !
    I too would be unable to resist "shooting" him every time!
    Brilliant photos Roy, I would love to as well with this species! ;-)
    Keep well, I hope you are having better weather than us here!

  10. Roy, he is just gorgeous! I do not blame you for taking his picture so often. I love these colors!


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