Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bird - Fail-tography

My bird photography is going through a bad patch at the moment.
My sightings are just not conducive to good photography. 
Do you get those times when nothing is quite right. You see birds, but they are never in the right position to shoot or never there long enough to shoot. When they are, twigs or branches are in the way.

Here are some of the failings of recent times.

About the best of a bad bunch is this Whitethroat, high up and a bad angle.

This female Blackcap was rather shy……...

…… was this one

This Chiffchaff was too far away to be able to crop the shot sufficiently.

This Willow Warbler was again a long way from my position and not in the open enough.

This Wren was too far away and as I moved forward it was gone.

This Wren was in the shade momentarily before dissapearing.

Again another distant short-lived Wren.

This Nuthatch was way up in a tall tree.

This below was a real disappointment. 
My first and extremely brief sighting of a Lesser Whitethroat and it was gone in a flash. 
Not enough time to re-focus the camera.

Hopefully things will get better, they can't get much worse.


  1. Ah, the joys of nature photography Roy. I am getting little at the moment, mainly as the light is so bad with overcast skies. When the Sun comes out the birds seem to disappear. I think a lot are high up singing their little hears out at this time of year and maybe more skittish during the breeding season.

    As well as clear shots it's still nice to see birds in their natural surroundings.

  2. Believe me Roy things could get a great deal worse -you could take bird photos like mine:) I'd be delighted if I could get shots as good as most of the ones in this post! I don't have a sufficiently good camera to take good bird photos I'm afraid.

  3. Roy, I thought all birds played hard to get?

    It's all part of the challenge, we would just get bored if they all sat and posed perfectly for us?
    Perhaps just once in a while would be good though?...[;o)

    1. Yes once in a while would be good Trevor.{:))

  4. I think the photos are lovely, Roy, but it is frustrating when twigs just get in the way (or even worse - a mass of twigs and leaves. I've failed to get a half decent photo of a Nightingale this spring thanks to this) I love the Willow Warbler - I've yet to see one this year and have only heard one two or three times.

    1. I have seen more Willow Warblers than Chiffchaffs this year Wendy for some reason. Last year was quite the opposite.

  5. If you think these are bad you haven't seen most of my photos.... Birds in there natural environment twigs and all are just part of watching wildlife, I'm just happy to see something.. Although a good photos do help.

  6. Hey Roy... Your to hard on yourself ,nothing is perfect and for sure your not alone. We all would like all those obstacles to get out of the way : ) I spend and hour trying to catch shots of some warblers 75% where obstructed by branches !! Those buggers move quick!!
    I like seeing the Willow Warbler, it looks a lot like our Palm Warbler!!

    At least you got a shot of the Lesser Whitethroat!!


    1. Thanks GG, but its the perfectionist in me that comes out too often probably.

  7. You manage to get wonderful photos no matter what the conditions! These look terrific. I had one of those bad patches today at the wetlands....all the little birds moved the minute I tried to take their photo, and I just got more and more frustrated. Maybe that is why I photograph the turtles instead :-)

    1. Thanks Mary.
      Yes, Turtles aren't so swift are they.

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the cute little wren.

  9. Wonderful !
    Nice variety of sparrows Roy !

  10. Roy you just need to grow a bit---10 ft might do it...


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