Thursday, 17 October 2013


Just a pleasant view (you may think) along a small river that feeds into a lake on the Parkland where I walk regularly. However, I found that there is something lurking there that is thoroughly unpleasant.

The American Mink is farmed for its fur in several countries. Unfortunately some were farmed in the UK which commenced here in 1929. However and thankfully, fur-farming was banned altogether in UK under the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000.

There have been recorded breeding of Mink in the wild since 1956 in the UK. 
The existence of Mink being in the wild was either caused by some escapees from the farms (considered by some that they were possibly released on purpose) or being released during organised protest action by "Misguided" protesters, (only pleasant description I could use here) during the 1990s. 

I didn't believe there was a problem with protesting about Mink farms even to the point of blockading the farms, but releasing them into the wild was completely wrong and rather ill informed.
The Mink is not a native species to this country and has (I believe) caused considerable damage to wildlife as a result of being released to the wild. One such species (amongst many) that has suffered greatly is the Water Vole, which the Mink can pursue even into its burrow.

Below was the first sighting I had of the animal on this walk and my first sighting ever.
(The images are not great due to lighting, distance and the bloke using the camera)

It continued to return to the spot on one side of the bank that I observed it emerging from and disappearing each time. This is probably the location of one of its Dens. It can have up to 10 on a stretch of water. 

On one occasion it had caught a fish and was returning to the same spot on the bank.

There will be some that will disagree with my view about the existence of Mink in this Country. 
Some will say that its natural for the animal to hunt and kill prey, yes of course, but in the native lands to which it belongs, not here in this country. It is of course hunted in order to eradicate it from the country. All power to the Hunters I say. 
I shall return to my normal nature loving self tomorrow.


  1. O Roy wat is dit mooi,dit zie jer niet iedere dag wat een moment en hij laat zijn vangst nog even aan je zien

  2. Well spotted Roy. Great series of shots. I'm with you. Protesting is one thing but to my mind releasing a non native predator into the wild is criminal.

  3. HI Roy I am trying to get caught up on the posts I have missed over the past week due to my friend Eileen staying with me. Love the Bullfinch, Dnnock adn Wrenn shots. I have never seen a Mink in the wild. You got amazing shots. I agree with you, they should NEVER have been released into our countryside as I know they are doing a lot of damage.

  4. An unwelcome visitor to your regular haunt Roy and hopefully it can be removed as soon as possible before it does any damage to the local ecosystem. I have never actually seen a Mink in the wild so despite the fact it is perhaps not the most pleasing of sights I enjoyed seeing your pics nevertheless :-)

  5. Excellent shots - I've never seen a mink in the wild. And I agree the best thing would be for us to get rid of them. We humans have caused a fair amount of damage by introducing species to areas where they cause havoc, alas.

  6. Terrific photos of the mink - well spotted. I'm also furious that this non-native predator was brought into this country in the first place - and then released. I'm very fond of water voles, especially after we had a pair in our pond - so anything to build their numbers back up and keep them safe from mink.

  7. I'm with you. We have House Sparrows and European Starlings all over the place here. Both are aggressive cavity nesters and have altered our bird populations.

  8. Hey Roy..... Well I can't say that I disagree with you, something that should have never happened !!
    Can't blame the Mink itself, but that of the demand and greed of mankind, the almighty dollar!!
    I do find it odd that in your comments above or yourself have never seen one if there are so many !!

    Anyway good find ,shot's , and info of the little critter !!


  9. I absolutely agree with you about mink, they have destroyed the wildlife all along the rivers where they live and have no natural predators in this country as far as I know. Misguided is not quite the word I would use to describe the idiots who released them into the wild!

  10. Hi Roy

    Introduced species whatever the cause are always a real problem. You did get some nice shots of the mink with the fish.


  11. I never knew that Mink also swam!
    I'm against fur.

    1. Yes Helma, they are very good in water unfortunately.

  12. Roy, what a dilemma! I have seen mink or weasels rip the throats out of chickens before. It's so traumatic! I agree that this non-native species should not be there. Non-natives have wreaked havoc across the globe, yet it is not an easy problem to solve and we have many such species that have invaded the US caused by the same problem-humans releasing them into the wild. It's sad to think that though they may become naturalized we (all of us across the globe) may lose some of our native species in the process. You make a good point.


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