Friday, 18 October 2013

Floaters and Flutters

Now this is a nice species to observe swimming about the water.
I would rather see this in the water than a Mink any day. (see my last post)

Comma butterflies are still feeding on the blackberries.

Its not my dog by the way.


  1. Hi Roy Lovely to see the butterfly.It's amazing they are still around. Good shots of the dog also.

  2. That's a nice looking dog and he/she certainly seems to be enjoying their swim in the lake :-) Nice pics of the Comma and in the sunshine yesterday we had a few species of butterfly flying around the garden too, including these coppery coloured beauties :-)

  3. heerlijk Roy. hij geniet volop het is prachtig om te zien

  4. Hey Roy... I can't get over how gorgeous that butterfly is and the complement of the Blackberries makes for lovely photos like these!!

    Dogs at play in the water is a fun sight to see!!


  5. Lovely photos of the dog:) He's obviously having a great time. Nice comma photos too, with closed wings it looks just like a dead leaf.

  6. Love the second photo of the dog looking at the camera :-)

    Gorgeously rich butterflies, more or less absent from round here now.

  7. Nice Roy, both the Comma with the warm colour. Amazing that they are still aroun this late. And the dog enjoying the swimming. Maybe you can ask the owner to train it and fetch Minks instead of balls ;-).

    Kind regards,

  8. A very nice blog :-) Roy
    It gives me a smile on my lips.


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