Monday, 7 October 2013

Parkland Walk - The Autumn Tinge

There are signs of the Autumn already around the Parkland which I observed on my a recent walk.

Some leaves are already falling and in each of the scenes there are some signs of Autumn.

The cows are lying about this meadow here now, but later this can easily be completely under water.

A confusing image. The reflection on the water is from a tree on the other side of the river.

These next two shots have been featured many times before in my posts in the past, but are shown to provide an idea of what it looks like currently.

A Black-headed Gull was dropping something into the water then diving in to pick it up again.
It may have been something it was trying to eat.

A Teal duck having completed a spot of preening was taking in the sun.

High up in the trees this Great Tit was pecking away at a seed.

This is 'Joe Crow' and he was sitting on top of a small tree next to the largest lake in the parkland. 
I think he was enjoying the sunshine as well.

Hawthorn leaves on the turn.


  1. Lovely scenes there Roy, its all looking promising for a good Autumn show...[;o)

  2. wat een mooie serie ook bij jullie is de herfst begonnen maar je krijgt dan van deze mooie foto,s.

  3. This looks like a lovely walk through parkland and watermeadows. I love the diving Gull and the Crow, too. The hawthorn leaves here are ahead of all the others by already turning coppery-gold.

    1. Thanks Wendy, yes it has a good variety.

  4. HI Roy That looks a lovely place to walk around. Great shots of the scenery and bird life. Love the last shot of autumn

  5. A pleasant autumn stroll Roy, you've got some lovely seasonal pics here :-) Great pics of the diving BHG !

  6. Hey Roy... Such a lovely place to stroll, and watch for wildlife !!
    Your scenery shot's, the refection of the tree is a great one, always fun to get a shot like that!!
    The bench looks like a place I would like to set and enjoy, especially the diving gull "good shot"!!
    "Joe Crow".. huh!!

    Grace .
    P S having a problem with the pointer freezing up on some blogs when I publish!!
    Hope it works this time!!

    1. Thanks GG. Yes I always call it Joe Crow, don't know why.{:)) Its a Crow anyway.

  7. Roy, what a pleasant walk! Such lovely and bucolic scenery!

  8. Very serene scenery! Lovely! The diving bird shots are great! Wow!

  9. A very nice autumn blog which I really really like the diving birds Roy.

    Greetings, Helma


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