Monday, 23 September 2013

Willow Warbler

Its a Willow Warbler (I Hope)
In Springtime sorting out the difference between a Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff is that easy, even I can do it. They sing a lot at that time to stake their claim on territory and the song is easily distinguishable.

At this time of year they don't sing as far as I am aware and telling the difference isn't quite so simple.
To identify this bird (or could have been two birds) as there were two moving in and out of an ivy clad elder bush when I shot these images, I am taking a stab at this being a first year female Willow Warbler.

Pale legs are supposed to be the mark for Willow Warbler, whereas its dark legs for Chiffchaff.
The way the light catches the legs at times doesn't really help much of course. 
Male and female and age also play a part from what I can read in the books.
(Now I know why I just take the photographs) {:))


  1. prachtig zoals hij tussen de vlierbessen zit.

  2. HI Roy Yes I agree, a bit tricky at this time of the year. The other difference is that the Willow Warbler has slightly longer primaries but I cannot make that out in your photos. Anyhow, you managed good captures of these birds.

  3. Beautiful photos amongst the berries there!

  4. Hey Roy... I agree about just taking the photographs ; ) I spent way to much time digging instead of posting at least you do that!!
    So much colors makes some beautiful photo's, these are wonderful, with the Warbler !!


  5. Hi Roy

    You always capture lovely photos of the smaller birds. I really like seeing the warbler among the berries.


  6. Lovely capture of this lovely little bird, especially amongst the berries:-)

  7. Roy, you are a braver man than me! ;-) Fall warblers are so challenging! Nice pics though!

    1. Thanks Kathie, yes it makes you tear your hair out.{:))


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