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Wednesday 18 October 2023

The Brent are Back (Pale-bellied Species)

The Brent Goose (Pale-bellied). 
I have said before, it is my favourite Goose.
It arrives in my local area at around this time and can be observed locally for much of the Winter.
The flock I observed this week at Ferry Bridge, Weymouth was 20 in number. This is small in comparison to later in the season.

The oldest recorded Brent Goose was 28 years. They typically live an average of 11years.
A UK Distribution list reveals that in the main, this is a coastal species. Its Conservation Status is Amber in the UK, but of least concern elsewhere.


A poor distant shot showing most of the flock with Mediterranean Gulls in the background.


  1. Ne on upeita lintuja! Niitä on paljon siellä. Olisi kiva nähdä se joskus läheltä. Täällä hanhet tekevät muuttoa.

    1. Kyllä Anne. Saamme paljon hanhiasi talvella. Kiitos. 😄

  2. Bonsoir Roy..
    C'est aussi mon oie préférée d'Europe ! Sans doute sa jolie petite frimousse. Tes photos sont magnifiques.
    J'attends qu'elles arrivent aussi chez moi ☺️.

  3. Hi Roy.... Lovely series of pictures of this beautiful bird.. Happy week..


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