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Monday 16 October 2023

A Local Walk - Kingfisher

Suddenly it is much colder and lower temperatures that would normally be experienced at this time have now arrived.
One way in which this was quite telling was that a female Kingfisher that I observed and photographed appeared more tolerant to my existence than was normal.  It was more concerned about getting food than me being in the area. That said, it was only just and flew off up the river after a couple of shots. I observed it later, but without a second chance of a shot.

Robins are very territorial especially in Spring.
However this one in the right foreground of the image below was attempting with its aggressive stance to drive off the other (out of focus).

Two young unattached Mute Swans that have frequented the local river slowly sailed by my position. So this called for a different image than normal.

A House Sparrow hoping to find just a few more blackberries.

This immature Goldfinch had just been for a bath and was preening and drying itself out in dense foliage.

Not many more Haw berries left for this 'Woodie' to find on this Hawthorn tree.


  1. Beautiful photos Roy of the kingfisher and the other birds. I don't see him not very much the kingfisher.

    1. Thanks Caroline. They don't always appear in front of you I'm afraid.😄

  2. Hallo Roy,
    Prachtige foto's! Vooral de ijsvogel, pfft wat een geluk!
    Maar de roodborst is ook super!
    Groetjes, Maria

  3. We've had a pair on the Trent this year, seen them in various locations but they do have large ranges don't they - up tp about three miles of bank?

  4. WOWW Roy. Ton Martin pêcheur me scotche dans mon siège ! C'est une splendeur.


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