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Saturday 25 February 2023

Nuthatch Home Dispute

On the 9th of April last year I photographed a pair of Nuthatch which were located adjacent to the entrance of the nest they were using. This nest hole was located about 40 feet up in a large tree.

You can observe from the first two images below (taken at that time) how small the nest hole is and just the correct size for the birds. It is believed that they had reduced the size of hole by using dried mud.

This week I noticed that the hole had been made much larger, probably by a Green or Great-Spotted Woodpecker. The images below show what I believe to be one of the same Nuthatch pair removing small wood particles from the inside of the hole and no doubt will repair the damage made.

You can observe from the below images how much work the woodpecker has completed to increase the size of the hole. 

It will be interesting to see the final result of this activity. It is very likely that the Nuthatch pair will prevail in any likely dispute over the nesting hole. They are feisty little devils and will not give ground to anything.

It can be viewed from the image below the extent of the work carried out by the likely woodpecker.

'Reports of a Green Woodpecker observed in the vicinity with a Chainsaw could not be verified by the Author.'


  1. That Green Woodpecker may well need a chainsaw from what I've seen of the persistence and bravery of Nuthatches. We await further episodes in this drama.

  2. Nuthatches are indeed very persistent. Oh that woodpecker got quite upset about the entrance to the lodge.
    At home they occupy the nesting boxes every year.
    Nice pictures

  3. wow, fantastic images! the last close-up is gorgeous!
    Regards, Maria


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