Sunday, 5 February 2023

A Local Walk with Flowers and Birds to Observe

A local walk with flowers and birds and no rain.
I was able to find a few more birds now during this walk and it looks like the weather has settled down as well. 
I was pleased to be able to see the Crocus up and looking good and of course the snowdrops are also showing well. We have had much more cold and dry weather now and maybe Spring is around the corner.

The Robin has shed its Autumn scruffy appearance and looks ready for Spring.

A Long-tailed Tit getting down to the water for a drink.

A rare view of a Song Thrush high in a Tree was welcomed.

This Wren was also at the water's edge looking for a drink.

Some of the Chiffchaff have moved on, but there is still at least one remaining where I have been observing them recently.


  1. Bonjour Roy,
    Il faut garder ce point d'observation en tête, il y a du passage ! Bravo pour les photos mon ami.

    1. Merci Nath. Je vais continuer à chercher, vous pouvez en être sûr.😀


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