Thursday, 6 October 2022

The Common Snipe


The Common Snipe. (Gallinago gallinago)

As the name suggests yes it is common, but not seen by many. The Snipe exists throughout the UK, but you have to know where to start looking and even then you need to be fortunate. Marshland Reserves are probably the best option. Finding it on farmland would be difficult.

As a boy growing up in the farming community of South Somerset I often heard about this bird. It was a topic of conversation especially amongst the shooting fraternity. If disturbed it would fly off at speed in a zig zag trajectory and rarely fell victim to the gun. As a matter of interest only, I would look out for one in the fields, but never with any success. They were undoubtably there however, in low fields and marshland. Why on earth would you want to shoot this beautiful bird.

The Snipe can be a migrant, resident, passage or winter visitor.  It is estimated that there are 80 thousand pairs during the Summer in UK. This increases to 1 million in Winter. The UK population has declined moderately over recent years and is currently on the 'Amber' conservation list.


  1. Hei Roy! Sillä on tosi hyvä suojaväri.

  2. Kiitos Anne.
    Vierailemallani sivustolla on aina muutamia näitä lintuja

  3. Roy it is always a thrill to see a Snipe and as you say they are not all that common and difficult to see so I was very pleased both your saw this bird and was able to get a good photograph of it. Have a great weekend and thanks for your comments.

  4. Is the term "going on a snipe hunt" used in the UK to refer to looking for something that isn't there?

  5. Hoi Roy,
    Beautiful capture of the Common Snipe!
    Thanks for sharring the photo and info.
    Regards, Maria

  6. Beautiful image. I don't understand shooting little birds, if you are going to eat what you hunt then large ducks make sense, but little birds ??, and as for Ortolan Bunting.... they can't taste that great!
    By the way, I don't agree with hunting in any way, shape or form. Only culling where necessary.


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