Monday, 3 October 2022

Lodmoor Reserve Visit (Part 3)

The last of a three part series of images from my recent visits to Lodmoor Reserve, Weymouth.

The Geese are gathering in some numbers now at this time of year. Most days they fly from one part of the reserve to another and back again. On windy days they relocate several times. It is mostly Canada Geese at the moment.


In the 'Stack.'

Occasionally one can find a single Redshank feeding on the Reserve.
Usually quite some way from the camera lens though.

The Red Admiral Butterfly.
I have not seen many this Autumn, which is a time that they are normally quite frequent.

To round off the series. 
I was able to get some shots of a couple of 'Odd Balls.' Greylags mixed with something else.??


  1. I was back in Minnesota for a couple of days recently where I was reminded how large Canada Geese really are! You had a quite a visit to Lodmoor Reserve.

    1. Yes thanks Wilma, I owed myself that after being restricted due to medical problems.
      I thought it was about time I was able to 'Fill my boots' in a nature photography kind of way of course.

  2. No idea about the last goose, is it not a Canada with too much white on its head? Do you have anyone to ask? (Facebook is great for this, in the bird groups). Loved all your shots, now I have caught up.... in no particular order. Sorry to inundate you with comments, haha!

    1. Thanks Mandy. Don't use Facebook. The goose is definitely a heinz 57 variety.


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