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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Adonis Sparkle

The Adonis Blue Butterfly.

The sight of an Adonis Blue male is something to experience.
It would soon become apparent once you had seen it, that it was the species and not any other. The bright electric blue of the upper wings flashes as it flies low across the grass.

Finding and photographing the Adonis I would place on a par with that of a Purple Emperor butterfly, which I have experienced.
It prefers South facing chalk down slopes.
 It is difficult to reproduce the exact colouring in a photograph, but I hope I have done it justice.



  1. Some of those shots look like the wings were lit from within. A true Adonis!

  2. Hi Roy. Beautiful photos of the butterflies. I have not seen many butterflies this year. Greetings Caroline

  3. Hallo Roy,
    Prachtige foto's van deze vlinders.
    Wat een mooie soort!
    Groetjes Maria

  4. That is one beautiful butterfly!

  5. Lovely photos Roy - yes, it's that almost turquoise glint which makes the common blue look like it has quite a reddish blue, with an almost lilac hue. The Adonis really stands out if you see them together.

  6. Hi Roy,

    The b;ue in the wings is amazing, really wonderful. Lucky you to find this species! You can see the light in the wings, very nice.

    Have a nice weekend,

  7. Very nice pictures... Happy summer Roy

  8. Hi Roy,
    this butterfly is also one of the smallest but also one of the most beautiful "blues".
    Wonderful series.


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