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Tuesday 1 June 2021

A Country Walk

Images taken on a recent local country walk.

A male Chaffinch amongst the apple blossom.

Quite a variety of wild flowers can be found  on the local public footpaths.

A Goldfinch that is building a nest nearby.

The much overlooked House Sparrow has the same idea.

I watched this Chiffchaff taking food to a nearby nest.
The next day I revisited the location and couldn't find it. I assumed that the nestlings had flown from the nest and would continue feeding elsewhere.

Masses of buttercups across this field.

There are still some Primroses to be found.

A Wren was also observed near the Chiffchaff (shown above).

Wild Ferns

A Single Bluebell makes a nice image I think.

Red Campions are very common along the walks.

Another one of my efforts of Riverbed Art.



  1. I'm very envious of the pink campions as we only seem to have the white ones in France. Love your photos, especially the wren!


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