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Saturday 29 May 2021

A Butterfly Shoot

Most Butterfly enthusiasts would welcome the opportunity to observe and photograph the Duke of Burgundy Butterfly.  However, once seen one wonders what all the hype was about. It is not the most attractive species that can be observed in UK.

It is in serious decline.however and much conservation work is conducted to save it..

Duke of Burgundy.

Small Tortoiseshell.

A common species and certainly very attractive to observe.

Green-veined White

This one I shot would (from its appearance) have only emerged that day.


This male Brimstone was pitched for a change and has obviously been around for a few days now and not always on the wing searching for females.

Marsh Fritillary

The Marsh Fritillary was the only one I could find that day, It didn't wait around for long enough either. More attractive than the Duke above I think.

Small White.

A common species that can be found everywhere.

Orange Tip

Even if you don't know much about butterflies you can probably recognise and name the Orange Tip male.

Small Copper.

A small and colourful species common throughout the UK.

Small Heath.

Even smaller, the Small Heath is common, but not easy to see.

Dingy Skipper.

One of the early skippers on the wing.
Looks like a Moth.

Common Blue

The most common of our blue species.


  1. Hi Roy, beautiful photos of the butterflies. I only saw one butterfly this year, maybe to cold.

  2. Sorry to hear that the Duke of Burgundy does not match its publicity - that's often the case with the aristocracy, I've found.

  3. Hi Roy!!!... Beautiful series of pictures... Happy week

  4. Beautiful! I've never seen either of those Fritillaries. Some very lovely photos there. :-)


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