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Tuesday 4 May 2021

A Country Walk

Another country walk taken on a sunny day, but with a cold wind blowing. 
The first image below shows a view across Barley and Oilseed rape fields.

Apple Blossom

Cock Pheasant

Red Campion

This Wren popped up out of the hedgerow and was quite amenable to a few photographs being taken.

Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower)

Three images below of birds that really didn't want to be photographed on this occasion.



Grey Wagtail

Apple Blossom

On this particular country walk I looked closely at the various bluebells that were growing. It was surprising the variety of colours of the flower. This area of the walk was at least a mile away from any buildings and I believe that all the colours were natural and there had not been any crossover from garden plants.

Below are the variety of bluebell colours observed.

Hawthorn Flowers

Apple Blossom

Early Purple Orchid

Dingy Skipper Butterfly


  1. Hallo Roy,
    Geen straf, zo'n mooie wandeling!
    Great capturesof birds and flowers. Love the Wren with insect ;-)

  2. Fico sempre tão encantada, com a beleza das suas imagens... que nem me passa pela cabeça, tentar decidir-me sobre qual gosto mais!
    Como sempre um trabalho incrível!!! Parabéns, Roy! Bom fim de semana! um grande abraço!

  3. Hi Roy, a beautiful walk with a lot to see. The birds are great but also beautiful butterflies and flowers.
    I enjoyed it again.
    Greetings, Helma

  4. Wonderful set of photos.
    Amanda x

  5. Really lovely photos, Roy, especially the wren! At our Brittany house we had pink bluebells in our little patch of woodland as well as blue ones. I know they are not the same as British bluebells, but even so, we noted over the years how the bluebells spread and how more and more of them were pink!


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