Tuesday, 27 November 2018


We get the occasional different water bird/fowl during the winter months that visit the local parkland lakes. 
Nothing different for weeks, then we may get two or three at once. 

A visitor this week was the Scaup Duck. It is slightly larger than a Tufted Duck. From a distance, when amongst a flock of Tufties, it can look rather like a female Tufti. When I was observing this one I took my eye off of it for a few minutes and lost it. It took a while to find it amongst about 30 plus Tufties. 

There is some discussion amongst the local birding experts that this one may be a Hybrid Tufted Duck/Scaup. Whatever it is I was pleased to see it and as I said before, I just take the photographs. :o)

The Scaup visits the Eastern side of the UK (mainly the coast) during September to April, but will come in land a short distance to local lakes.
In its breeding season it resides in Iceland, Scandinavia and Siberia.


  1. yes these ducks are always difficult to ID but great shots of it Roy

  2. It is the week of females ;-) Lovely also, I love.

  3. Hi Roy!!! Very nice series of images of this Duck.. Happy week ..

  4. This duck is a TopperEend (Aythya marila)

  5. Wow !! Gorgeous photos !!
    Merry Christmas !!

  6. Happy New Year.

    Thank you for your visiting always.

    I wish You all the best.
    Greeting and hug.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  7. Fantastic series of images .. Best regards ..


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