Monday, 5 November 2018

A Sequential Strike

I stood watching this Grey Heron for a while as he moved in 'Stealth Mode' slowly around a shallow part of a lake in the Parkland. His head movements showed that he was obviously tracking a fish and was waiting for the right moment to strike.

The fish caught was a Perch which can be identified by the spiny front dorsal fin. If you are feeling sorry for the Perch, consider that they are in turn carnivorous and will feed on smaller fish. 


I have not shown the 'swallow'. 
I didn't want to put you off your breakfast.


  1. Oh you are considerate as I am just about to have breakfast Roy! This is a fabulous series of shots.

  2. Amazing pictures. I've seen that many times in real-time but never in so much detail as your pictures show.
    That's breakfast sorted. What's for lunch??

  3. Terrific series, Roy! I have seen herons do a little dance after a good catch like this - almost like a touchdown dance in American football. Did this one dance for you too?

    1. Thanks Wilma, no, but he looked pretty pleased with himself.

  4. Great set of photos, such a stunning bird to watch while hunting.

  5. Excellent series of pics.. Congrats..

  6. OH Roy ! Fantastic pictures ! I love.
    well done.


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