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Monday, 8 October 2018

A Late Chiffchaff

Walking around the Parkland today I observed a Chiffchaff amongst hawthorn branches. 
He was busily feeding away on insects and elderberries, moving quickly between the twigs to search for the next meal. I mentioned 'Late' in the heading as I would expect most Chiffys to have departed on migration by now, although some remain in the Southern part of England over winter. 
I just got the impression that this one was feeding up as much as possible for his onward journey.


  1. A great flight shot Roy. I wondered where they had all gone. This is the first year I haven't heard one.

  2. Lovely photos, but I too have been surprised to still see Chiffchaff's in the Park, more than one. Happy singing away with no rush to leave. Will be interesting to see if they are still around at the end of the month.
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda. Maybe oner or two late leavers.

  3. Indeed a late Tjiftjaf but very nice to photograph :-)


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