Friday, 20 January 2017

Shoveler - Feeding Behaviour

It was interesting to watch this pair of Shoveler Duck this week feeding in the shallow area of one of the lakes in the local parkland. They were working together by spinning around in the same spot with their long beaks submerged in order to stir up the silt at the bottom. Just like an auger. I read that they filter food through the sides of their beaks such as plankton, crustaceans, insects and seeds and squeezed the water out with their tongues.

I did also observe another male Shoveler in a deeper part of the lake diving for about an average of 6 seconds at a time. After about each five dives it would shake the water form its wings. It didn't realise they were diving ducks as well.


  1. Hauskat kuvat lapasorsista;-) Mitähän syötävää ne löytävät.

    1. Kiitos Anne, heidän täytyy tietää, mitä he etsimääsi.

  2. Nice pics Roy, Shovelers are definitely one of the most under-appreciated of all our wonderful wildfowl. Interesting to read about the behaviour as well, especially the unusual diving individual.

  3. We have a local pair of shovellers doing exactly the same thing here, but without the diving. Their heads are under water so much anyway I'm amazed they can breathe

  4. Hi Roy,

    I have also witnessed the Shovelers diving for food on Lynch Lake which is behaviour I have not seen before.
    I read that it is something they only rarely do, but these birds do it frequently!

    All the best,
    Paul Taylor.

  5. Interesting and informative Roy.

  6. Very nice this shovelers.
    I myself have not seen them this winter.


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