Sunday, 29 January 2017


Yet another overcast and damp day for a walk. 
It did however produce a rare opportunity for me to observe and take a few shots of a pair of Snipe. 
Always difficult to find and even more difficult to get anywhere near. I was fortunate to be inside one of the Bird Hides on the Parkland and got these few images before something spooked the pair and off they went in their typical zig-zag flight. 
Although taken in poor conditions, some post production has made these images reasonably presentable.

An idea of the conditions on the Parkland at this time. 
See the ice flow on part of one of the three lakes. Only crazy people go out in this weather.??


  1. It's not always bad being (a little bit) crazy Roy, you did manage to get good close up views and a photo opportunity for your efforts!...[;o)

  2. Hello Roy
    Great series of the Snipe here with us they are as good as no more to find ...
    Greetings frank

  3. Great shots Roy.
    Like you say, not an easy bird to get close to once you've even found it.

  4. Hei Roy! Teillä on raikas ulkoiluilma;-)) Voi, olet nähnyt taivaanvuohia! Terveisiä

  5. ¡Todo un placer, como siempre, visitar tu blog!. Saludos desde Asturias, Roy.

  6. Were you in a bird hide ??
    Beautiful pictures

  7. Super photos Roy, definitely more than presentable ;-)

  8. The flexibility of a snipe's bill never ceases to amaze me.

  9. I love to see other people Snipe photos, this is one of my favorites. I have only seen the one that lived in my yard and one in a pond nearby. Great shots.
    (I forgot I was not signed in and left some comments! ;-)


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