Tuesday, 17 January 2017


There are quite a few resident Cormorant around the local Parkland.
This particular one was perched quite precariously on one of the Bouys on the largest lake. 
The wind was blowing at something like 35mph and he was getting blown about.
He was drying out his wings after a spot of fishing in the lake which is something they do regularly.
Its amazing to see the size of some of the fish or eels they get down their throats.


  1. Nice pictures of a bird that I've always found rather impressive. But then, I'm not a fisherman!

  2. Hienon näköistä, kun merimetso kuivattelee tynnyrin päällä siipiä.

  3. The 2nd shot shows the link back through archaeopteryx to the dinosaurs

  4. Hallo Roy,
    wenn sich die Komorane das Gefieder trocknen machen sie manchmal sehr komische Figuren,
    tolle Bilder
    Grüsse frank

    1. Hallo Frank. Danke. Sie sind seltsame Vögel

  5. Those Cormorant shots are great Roy. I always enjoy seeing these birds when I can. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It was very much appreciated. Happy New Year :)


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