Friday, 28 October 2016

More Autumn Colours - Parkland Walk

Autumn colours abound now that we are nearing the month November.
Winter birds that visit the area are now showing up such as the Stonechat. A few wild flowers are hanging on and still providing some colour. Agriculture activities swing into Autumn tasks such as ploughing and working the soil with drag harrows. Geese having flocked together are now providing some different photo opportunities on the lakes. During this walk you can observe from the river that there was no wind blowing. The temperature was around the 12* Celsius mark with the occasional glimpse of the sun, but mostly obscured by a haze.

Female Stonechat


  1. Hei Roy! Siellä on todella kaunista. Ihanat kuvat merihanhesta! Terveisiä

  2. the lighting, autimn colours and the flight shots of the geese are stunning Roy

  3. The colors are wonderful and the geese shots are very nicely shot.

  4. Lovely pictures Roy in this post and the previous post. I noticed today that the trees have suddenly turned autumnal, all at once it appears.


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