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Tuesday 25 October 2016

A Parkland Walk

My latest Parkland walk had quite an autumnal feel and look about it.

Canada Geese overflight

Great Tit at the nuts again

Darth Vader returns.

Rare to see a Grey Heron swimming on the water.

The Oak Tree is just turning.

Found in a flower bed, no idea what it is though.

Base of a mighty Oak tree.

Hip Berries

A line of Tufties.

Oak leaves turning make lovely colours.

Greylag in silhouette 

The Bugle flower still makes a little colour for the time of year.

At least you can rely on some Black-headed Gulls to be available at this lean time of year for a shoot.

Plenty more Tufties on the lakes now.

Coal Tit

Possibly a variety of Hawkweed or Hieracium.


  1. Beautiful Roy, this time of year is just very photogenic isn't it!

    1. Thanks Pam, yes another few weeks and more leaves will be falling.

  2. Goodness me, there is certainly plenty to see in your lovely park land.

    1. Thanks John, at least 600 Acres and lots of peripherals.

  3. Hei Roy! Sinulla on ollut ihana kävelyretki! Hauska nähdä harmaahaikara uimassa! Lumisia terveisiä

  4. A lovely walk Roy-great images of the Heron! I'm fairly sure that plant in a flower bed is echinops, great for wildlife.

  5. ... You show the diversity and colorfulness of autumn ...
    a very nice photo series ...
    Love greetings, Karin

  6. definitely more tufties about also nice to spot the occasional Wigeon arriving. And love the Heron taking off!!

  7. Excellent selection of pictures Roy.
    Like you said, unusual to see a Heron swimming in the water.

  8. Great geoup of pix from your walk!

  9. Hello Roy
    Darth Vader is well hit and a swimming heron I have also not seen great natural landscape great pictures
    Greetings Frank


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