Sunday, 24 February 2013

Parkland Walk (1)

The first of a belated two part post about my observations on a recent Parkland walk. 
The weather varied throughout the morning. Water was still very much in attendance with some of the meadows partially covered in standing water.

The underside of a Black-headed Gull. 
This one has not developed its spring time dark brown head yet.

One of the flooded meadows.

A classic Blue Tit pose.

Lumix GH3. 100-300mm lens. 1/500 at f8. - 300(600)mm. ISO500

Hearing the tell-tell twittering of Goldfinch I found these two at the top of a tree in the sunlight.

Dried Teasel heads are good for testing the clarity of new lens.

Pied Wagtail

This below is normally a narrow little stream leading from a river into one of the lakes in the Parkland. A quick study normally reveals perhaps the odd Moorhen at the edge of the stream, occasionally a pair of Mallard will venture along feeding. The water level was slightly higher the other day, but this is quite bad enough and reveals the murky looking water that is typical of all the rivers around here at the moment.

More Black-headed Gulls and in unison as well.


  1. Great images from your walk Roy, it's certainly been a soggy start to the year. I like the two BHG shots (those in the last one look like floating angels!) and the excellent 'classic' Blue Tit image...[;o)

    btw. I think your image of a Spear Thistle could be of a Teasel!?

    1. Thanks Trevor. You are absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out. I try and improve.{:))

  2. Hey Roy....Bits of commenting problems again grrr!! The posture,and expression of the Swan in the first photo from yesterdays post is great : )
    Your looking some soggy there, good thing it isn't snow or you would be buried!!
    Love the two Goldfinch shot, and that last one the wing spreads..nice!!

    1. Thanks GG, yes we don't need anymore snow or rain for a while.

  3. You've a lot of flooding there too Roy. Oh for a dry summer lol

  4. Do you know what came into my mind as soon as I saw those two Black-headed Gulls? That they were dancing to the dance of the sugar plum fairies! Lovely lovely shot. I love the water meadow too. Nice and lush.

  5. Great photos again Roy, love the gull in flight. An area of my patch is underwater which I have never seen like it before!

  6. Hi Roy

    Your photos are really stunning today, I love the curving upsweeping wings of the gulls.

    All the best.

  7. Two lovely Parkland posts Roy! My favourites are - from 1 is the last, the gulls in unison. The delicate lace-like effect of the black edging to the tail and wings, in unison, against the solid swell of the water movement is stunning, and from 2, is the delicately curled oak leaves, as if turning inwards to protect something precious. Thanks as always for taking us with you on your walks:)

  8. I think this is really a wonderful blog.
    Your last picture with seagulls flying jumps for me really.
    What a great location!

  9. I'm impressed that you can push (did I just use a film term?) that ISO to 500 and get such wonderful results.

    1. Thanks Steve. It was late afternoon and getting quite dull. Its this Lumix GH3, I am impressed by what it can do, especially when I was using the longest lens available for micro four thirds (100-300mm) and that shot was at the long end 600mm. According to some "Expert" (using the term loosely) write ups the 100-300 is not supposed to be very good. I'm thinking they don't quite know how to use it.{:))


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