Monday, 11 February 2013

Active Teal

There has been an influx of Teal Duck during last week on the Bird Reserve area in the Parkland where I regularly walk. One or two of this species can be observed during Autumn and into the Winter, but the numbers have increased considerably now. I was given the "heads up" about this from a Birding colleague and went to see for myself. 

As always with this particular location when looking out of the hide you are looking into the sun, which is a bit of a handicap at times especially there. Most water birds there, are always at a fair distance as well. Fortunately I was able to get some shots of this very colourful Duck.

These below appeared to be resting, but all the while the males were studying the opposition and the form.

Some males were getting together and conferring notes.

Out further on the small lake there was much more activity, consistent with Teal Ducks choosing their mates. Frantic males circling around singularly unimpressed females whistling and making that funny sharp jerking movement with their head and neck. (Which I'm sure they will suffer for in older life {:).) 

Some males further out on the lake against the backdrop of reeds, had already chosen and some where getting near to posing the question.

Some males and the odd female just looked on forlornly in apparent envy or rejection.

Some males were downright "smoothies"and just playing it cool.

Some in Clint Eastwood terminology were saying to others, "You just ain't making it punk".{:))


  1. You managed to get some good close up views of these beautifully marked ducks Roy.
    It's that time of year again, when finding a mate is top priority, let's hope these males are successful in there endeavours!!...[;o)

  2. Wonderful shots of a beautiful duck! I love all the different colors and patterns in their feathers. Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous images Roy, the colours are wonderful in these images :-)

  4. An amusing read Roy :-) I do like Teals, very distinctive plumage I think. Much smaller in reality than one would think from pictures too.

    1. Thanks Jan. Yes they are quite small.

  5. Wow, what beautiful ducks! Great photos. It always amazes me to see the different patterns and colors on the same bird.

  6. Great photos Roy, they're stunning birds and you've captured the head colour beautifully. Love your anthropomorphic tale too! (-:

  7. Beautiful pictures of this beautiful little ducks. The details are very good as well as the colours. It's nice to see, depending on the light, that the heads are sometimes blue with brown and others look green with brown. I Like them a lot but it only was one time that I could make one good picture. So applaus for you Roy!


  8. Lovely images of the Teal Duck, they are beautiful, even the females has that bright green on their wing. I have seen Teals in Poole Harbour.

  9. Great observation of a most beautiful duck!
    I will have to wait before I can do the same unfortunately, the lakes around here are much hunted... :(
    In their winter form they are magnificent!
    Well done Roy!


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