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Saturday 3 September 2022

My Latest Update

There is an old Proverb, "It never rains, but it pours".

I believe it. 

I mentioned the recent complications during a cataract operation that failed, which in turn left me with weeks of recovery in order to have another operation to provide a successful outcome.

A recent consultation with my Consultant to establish the progress turned into an emergency operation for a partial retina detachment no less. The good thing about it was however, that the new lens was also installed at the same time. Now I am in recovery from this serious operation. Hopefully leading to a good outcome. There are some signs already I am pleased to report, that it will be a successful conclusion. Fingers crossed.

iPhone Image

On my latest walk this week armed with my trusty iPhone I shot this image over a fence.
It is not much, but I liked the colours which with the tree leaves and fallen leaves and the Maize growing behind tended to blend together.


  1. Yikes, Roy! I hope all is clear tomorrow. Glad thy could deal both things during the same procedure.

  2. I hope that all goes well. Mobility and vision are the two aspects of health that a birder never wishes to have problems with. Best wishes for a full recovery.

    1. Thanks David. Those thoughts entered my head pretty quickly when this all started, so true.

  3. Hey Roy! Oh no! It's been bad luck. Fortunately, recovery is underway. The photo has beautiful colors.

  4. I hope the eye is continuing to progress and at least you are able to get out for walks, that's something! Love the colours in the picture, I think the yellow leaves on the ground look like fallen apples! All the best Roy xx


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