Wednesday, 21 September 2022

A Walk and Update

Another update on my recovery from an emergency detached Retina operation.

I can see with the eye although it is a little out of focus as yet, but it should recover after time.
I have good peripheral vision, but using the camera is still not as good as I would like, especially with moving subjects. I have noticed some progress with this though, but it is slow.

Images taken on my latest walk in the countryside.

A Large White butterfly still finding some nutrients from the buddleia flower.

iPhone Image

Small White butterfly also finding some nutrition on the same plant as the Large White above.

Most of the the Maize has now been harvested.

iPhone image

iPhone Image

A Maize field that has been harvested.

iPhone Image

iPhone Image

Common Hawthorn berries are a sure sign of the impending Autumn.

Some Blackberries still remain and rot, especially high up on bramble bushes where they cannot be reached.

iPhone Image

Below is a favourite haunt of a local Kingfisher. 
I have not been fortunate enough to get a shot of it yet.

It is not a daisy, but the flower of the Chamomile.
Found on rough tracks in the countryside.

Another sign of Autumn, the Fern leaves are turning brown.

iPhone Image

Acorns from the Oak Tree

iPhone Image

iPhone Image

Sloe Fruit.

Crab apples growing wild on an isolated tree out in the countryside.

One species of butterfly you can be sure of still finding at this time is the Comma.


Now that the wheat has been harvested from the this field it is soon replanted again, as can be observed by the drill furrows.

iPhone Image

The invasive plant Himalayan Balsam can be found along our river banks in many areas.
Bees like to forage on the flower of this plant.
I think the one in the images below is a Carder Bee. 

The seed heads of the Balsam plant.


  1. Good to "see" you again, Roy. Great images - that comma is a beauty.

  2. Glad the eye is improving, it's not stopping you taking lovely photos though

  3. Hi Roy! It looks great there. The corn field looks interesting. Fortunately, your eyes are starting to heal.

  4. Beautiful photos. Get well soon.

  5. Your iphone takes some remarkable images - oops, or rather, it's YOU who takes the wonderful images! But the sky looks really cool in your iphone images. So pleased the eye is progressing. Not good for a photographer to have eye problems. Take care.


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