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Wednesday 15 December 2021

Birds and Bushes

A very dull and damp day for this walk this week.
The light was very poor and it drizzled with rain most of the time.

Below I took this shot from a bridge and the Little Egret will feature again in the post.

While watching the Egret I noticed movement in the bank on the right.
It was a Grey Wagtail and I waited around to see if would come any closer. 

Eventually it flew up the river and under the bridge where I was standing. It landed on river weed and I was able to get some shots of it. The light was poor and I had to post process these images to make them reasonable to look at. 
I only had a slow light weight lens (f6.3) on the camera.

A Blackbird in silhouette 

The Little Egret observed earlier, I found again near another bridge. 

It was fishing in a tributary running from the main river. It was shuffling one of its feet in the water to alert fish and get them to move into sight.



  1. The grey wagtail is sure a bright spot on a dull day. And look at those beautiful golden slippers on the little egret! Very similar to the snowy egret we see here.

  2. Lovely pictures, Roy. Nice to observe the Little Egret catching fish like that.


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