Saturday, 11 December 2021

A Windy Walk

This week I went for a walk along the East Cliff at Portland Bill.

As I looked to my left which is North, I took this shot below.
Nice weather you may think.

Then I looked to the East and took this shot below.

Then I looked to the South and took this shot.
The weather went down hill after that unfortunately.

Anyway the star of the Post was two Turnstone which I found along the East Cliff.

Other resident birds observed are shown below.

Rock Pipit


House Sparrow


  1. Stormy weather, Roy! Looks like the rock pipit is banded. Great looking turnstones.

    1. Thanks Wilma.
      Yes the birds around the Bill often get ringed as they conduct ringing at the Portland Bird Observatory nearby.

  2. Great pictures of the Turnstone, Roy, to say nothing of the goose-stepping Rock Pipit!

  3. yes our weather is very changeable Roy but I loved the photos of the Turnstone. I always thing they look better in the winter that in the summer. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Love that sky! I am all too familiar with sky like that. Great bird shots, in particular I love Turnstones, they are very handsome little birds. Good to see you are out and about.


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