Friday, 27 August 2021

Tree Pipit - My First Sighting

"Please excuse the awful images"

I took these record shots as I noticed movement low down in foliage close to the waters edge of a small river. 
Having sought expert advice I can say that it is a Tree Pipit and the first one I have seen.
However I had to post these as they are the first and only images that I could take. I was using a totally unsuitable lens attached and at a greater distance than its effective range. 
Also the bird was not being very cooperative.

A Summer visitor that arrives in UK in April and leaves again in September.



  1. Onneksi olkoon! Metsäkirvinen (Anthus trivialis). Se on yleinen lintu täällä meillä.

    1. Kiitos paljon Anime. Se on mielenkiintoista tietää.


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