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Sunday 15 August 2021

Grayling and Wall

Finding the Grayling butterfly is never easy, especially in a grey stone quarry. You can see from the first three images how they tend to hide with the wings folded back. The dull grey colours of the outer wings when folded make for very good camouflage. 

When the wings are open it gets easier.

The male and female are quite colourful with the sun shining on them.

Spot metering was used to get the first image of this mating pair.

What is much easier to find and I did so on the same day was this Wall Brown. butterfly.

The underwings are particularly attractive.


  1. Great pictures of a couple of excellent finds, Roy.

  2. Wonderful to have found and photographed the Grayling butterfly Roy. Have a great week ahad

  3. Hi Roy,
    The Wall brown is not easy to find.They become rare here, such a pity. The butterfly of your first series of pics reminds me of de Heivlinder (Hipparchia semele) I couldn't find your butterfly on the internet 🤔 what is the scientific name? It's a beauty.
    You were lucky to see them mate👌🏻 the photos are stunning. Love it.
    Regards Maria

    1. Hi Maria, thanks.
      The Grayling is the (Hipparchia semele)

    2. Thanks Roy.de Heivlinder.
      Nooit gezien met open vleugels. Prachtig!

  4. Beautiful butterflies Roy. I only see here the common butterflies.

  5. Hi Roy,

    I never saw a Greyling with open wings, but now you show me how wonderful they are, the same with the sun shining on them, it looks completely different and beautiful.
    You wrote it is easy to find the wall brown. I'm happy for you. In the Netherlands the species becomes more and more rare unfortunately :-(.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Marianne. Well its easy to find in an area that you are already aware what is there


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