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Sunday 25 July 2021

The Barley Harvest

Temperatures over the last week or so were around the 30 degree celsius mark in this area. 
This was a good time for the local Farmers to harvest the Barley crop. 
This will always provide me with some photographic opportunities. 

This shot below of the barley was taken about 10 days previous to the harvest.

Shooting these kind of scenes can be a dusty job and it is always best to remain upwind of the Combine Harvester.

Farms that have no use for the bi-product of straw are able to sell it on to Farmers with animals.


  1. They are in and out of the fields so quickly that it's not so easy to get shots these days. The combine looks particularly heroic in that rolling landscape.

  2. Beautiful photos. This week it is raining.

    1. Thanks Caroline. It is sunny and dry here after a weekend of rain.

  3. Hi Roy,
    Nice photo report of the harvest! And very dusty job to taken these picture 😉
    Regards, Maria


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