Thursday, 8 April 2021

Post Lockdown - Radipole Lake

My first visit post Lockdown to Radipole lake. Weymouth.

Having visited  Lodmoor, I moved on to Radipole Lake. This was perhaps the more interesting of the two visits on the same day.

Marsh Marigolds were in full bloom.

The usual small groups of Tufted Duck could be found around the lake.

A female Tufti having a stretch.

In keeping with my observations on recent Lockdown walks, I found considerable number of Chiffchaff, observed mostly catching flies in willow trees.

It was good to see the emergence of the Peacock Butterfly recently and I found a few at Radipole.

Unfortunately a brief sighting only of this male Blackcap as it disappeared into a bush.

Sand Martins were observed flying low over the water catching flies.

Woodies are chasing each other around now for obvious reasons.


  1. Stunning set of photos , it's so nice to be able to venture a little further now. Last weeks warm weather brought out the butterflies, this week has been to cold for anything! nice to hear all the Chiffchaffs back and got to see my first Stonechat of the year on the moor, still not seen a Weatear though.

    1. Thanks Amanda. Not seen the wheatear passing through personally, but there has been many.

  2. I've often heard of Radipole Lake, but I've never been there, so it's nice to see it through your photos. Quite a few Willow Warblers making themselves heard when I went out yesterday.

    1. Its pot luck with Radipole John, one day there is lots to see and another nothing much.

  3. Oh you must be so pleased to get out properly and visit your usual haunts! Lovely photos, especially the willow catkins. :-)

  4. Hoi Roy, mooie fotos. Fijn weekend. Groetjes Caroline

  5. Hello Roy
    Beautifully photographed through the branches, I like the photos very much.
    Regards Frank

  6. Uma série de imagens extraordinárias, Roy! Grata por estas preciosas partilhas!
    Um grande abraço!


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