Monday, 19 April 2021

A Walk Around Radipole Lake

Another walk around Radipole Lake Reserve, Weymouth revealed some butterfly activity as the temperature is a little warmer now.


Large White

A distant shot between the reeds of my first Reed Warbler of the year. 
I heard several singing amongst the reeds around the reserve.

Much frantic Shoveler Duck activity was observed on the large lake.

Males and females were flying around landing and taking off again.
Males would then chase each other around and around. 
I don't believe they actually peck each other with those massive beaks.

Marsh Marigold

Mute Swans were also chasing each about in territorial disputes,
which is their main activity at the moment.


More Shoveler Duck activity.

Another colourful duck, the Shelduck.
This pair were bathing and preening. 
Radipole has usually one or two Shelduck around the reserve.


  1. Wow. I've never seen Shovelers doing anything so animated, must be the time of year ! I've always wondered how Shelduck managed to stay so clean - now I know.

  2. Upeat valokuvat! Siellä on mielenkiintoisia lintuja,

  3. Hi Roy!!!... Beautiful series of pictures... Congrats

  4. Hello Roy
    nice combination of the excursion the swans in flight look great
    Greetings Frank

  5. i've never seen Shovelers do that!! mallards yes! btw many Cetti's? I haven't been there for years but it used to be alive with them!

    1. Thanks Pete, No I haven't seen Shovelers do that either.
      Yes Cetti's, there are a few around now, six territories I counted.

  6. Beautiful pictures as always!


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