Sunday, 15 November 2020

Rocky Residents

Two species of birds that frequent the rocky shoreline at this time of year are featured in this post.

The Purple Sandpiper

This medium sized Wader is a winter visitor to our shores.
Portland Bill is a good area to find this bird at this time.
The beautiful markings make it a special bird to photograph.

The Rock Pipit

This is a resident species and can be found around the rocky shoreline of the UK.
It also breeds in those areas. Portland is also a good location to find this bird and they are numerous at any time. 


  1. Hi Roy, beautiful photos. We have purple sandpipers too at the coast at the moment. Greetings Caroline

  2. Hi Roy,
    Wow, Beautiful images
    Love them all!

  3. Awesome! The purple sandpiper is also beautifully sharp and clear. Its plumage comes out very nicely. The Rock Pipit is also very nicely photogreaferd :-)


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