Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Lulworth Skipper

One of the orange Skippers, the Lulworth's habitat is very location specific.
It only exists on the coast of Dorset and no more than 5 miles inland from that area.  The female above is easily identified by the half circle of light patches on the forewings. The male is much darker with black edges to its wings and the patches are barely discernible.
It prefers unspoilt areas that have not been cultivated such as sloping cliffs.

The East Cliff of Portland where I photographed the Lulworth images.

Another view along the East Cliff.
In the distance you can observe some of the Cruise liners that are moored at anchor in Weymouth Bay. Because of the Covid Pandemic these ships are not in use and this sight is probably repeated at other locations around the coastline of the UK.


  1. hi Roy, beautiful photos of this orange Skippers. I think the coast of England is very beautiful. Greetings Caroline

  2. Wow, I like skippers! Your images are great! Nice compositions and colors!
    The ladscapes are beautiful.
    Best wishes,

  3. Great photos of a species I've never seen in reality.


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