Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Guillemots, Razorbills and Fulmars

Sea Birds are a whole new discipline for me. My identification knowledge is very limited. So I thought I would concentrate on what was around during a visit to Portland Bill. I have featured three species that were readily available, albeit mostly at some distance from the shore.

In the first three images you can observe two Razorbills and the remainder are Guillemots.

Flying close to the cliffs was the gull like bird - the Fulmar.

No matter how rough the sea was the Guillemots appear to enjoy themselves riding the waves.

A Fulmar sat on its nest high up in the East cliff of Portland.


  1. Not frequent visitors to Maxey Pits, I'll wager! I'm OK with identification at those sorts of distances, but I'm always amazed by those sea-watchers who confidently identify tiny specks flying miles out at sea.

  2. Wow,
    Great shots of beautiful seebirds!

  3. Hei, Roy! Olet nähnyt hienoja lintuja. Olemme nähneet näistä kaksi lajia, mutta emme myrskylintua.

  4. Very nice to see so many guillemots and auks together :-) Beautiful photo in flight. The last photo is really a picture to see :-)


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