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Monday 22 July 2019

A Butterfly Shoot

A butterfly shoot today that produced a good selection of current on the wing species.

The star of the post has to be the Chalk Hill Blue.

In second place for the good reason that I have only observed this species once before in the local areas that I have walked over recent years.
The Small Copper.

Always worth a spot in any butterfly post. 
The beautiful Peacock.

The Common Blue
Currently not so common.

The Green-veined White

The Large White

The Marbled White
Very plentiful this year.

The Gatekeeper


  1. Excellent weather for butterflies this week. Lots of Commas and Red Admirals where I was today but haven't seen any Small Coppers yet this year. I agree Marbled Whites seem to be occurring over a much wider area than I've found them in other years.

    1. If they are there, this weather is certainly bringing them out John.

  2. Stunning pics, Roy! When I see butterflies, I stop dead in my tracks and just watch them until they disappear from view.

    1. Thanks Karen. They are amazing little creatures.

  3. Día importante para tu colección, Roy. Que tengas muchos más días para poder disfrutar de estas criaturas hasta que el cambio climático nos deje. Un abrazo desde Asturias.

    1. Gracias Belén, con el cambio climático.
      Podemos obtener algunas de las especies españolas.
      Muchos abrazos querido amigo

  4. Beautiful photos of the butterflies Roy.

  5. Hi Roy,
    Fabulous series of images! Lovely butterflies! They are all beautiful!
    My favorits are the Chalk Hill blue and the Marbled White.
    Regards, Maria

  6. Very beautiful these flying images of the geese :-)

  7. Uma série de imagens absolutamente fascinantes!...
    A mais bonita... não conseguiria escolher! Todas lindas, estas imagens das várias espécies de borboletas!
    Um grande abraço!

  8. Such gorgeous shots! Congratulations for these photos.
    Have a nice day.


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