Monday, 6 May 2019

Whitethroat Week (Part 1)

There are certainly a good number of Common Whitethroat in the area this year from what I have observed so far. 
A good time to get images of the Whitethroat is during the first week or so of their arrival on migration. 
They tend to show rather well and make plenty of noise as well.

This is the first of the series and there will be a post on Wednesday and one on Friday of this week.


  1. I haven't seen as many as usual so far this year. They've obviously headed a little further north!

    1. We have got plenty around here John. Certainly more than last year.

  2. He certainly seems to be in full throttle Roy That first shot is fabulous

  3. Super images Roy, #1 and the header are crackers...[;o)

  4. Really super that!
    You were able to photograph the warbler really fantastic.
    My compliments.


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