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Thursday 2 May 2019

Green and White

Green Hairstreak Butterfly

Late April, beginning of May is a good time to look for this species.
May bush flowers or Elderberry leaves are likely locations to find them.
There is only one brood per year. Colonies are found at numerous locations in UK and Ireland.

Large White Butterfly

A species that can be found anywhere.
This one I photographed is a male. The female has black spots on the wings.
There are normally two broods during the year. 


  1. Super photos as always. I shall scour the elderberry bushes more thoroughly in future.

  2. Me too I shall look at all those bushes you mentioned, Fabulous images Roy

  3. This year I have not yet arrived to find the little green butterflies. You were able to photograph them beautifully.

  4. Hi Roy,
    Great pictures of the butterflies . The little Green one is gorgeous!
    Regards, Maria


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