Saturday, 26 January 2019

It Happened Again - The Wrong Lens

Yes it happens to me occasionally. 
I decided to go out with a medium, rather than a long lens attached to my camera. Sure enough there were some Snipe out on the open fields and I could have taken some good images, had I brought my long lens with me. 
The only option open to me was to use a facility on my Olympus camera that allows you to X2 the distance closer to the subject on any lens you have fitted at the time. It works to a point, but the image is not of a great standard as you can observe from the images below.
So apologies for these pretty sub standard efforts.


  1. Roy, if you think these shots are sub standard, my shots must look rubbish. I always think it is wonderful when one sees Snipe so do not beat yourself up for the quality of these images Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Nice enough pictures of an extraordinary bird. Sometimes I like to see more of the background to give the context of the location. A couple of small compositional hints though. These would be improved a little (in my opinion anyway) by raising the camera slightly; this would show a little more background (even though out of focus) and would prevent that rather uncomfortable cropping of the reeds immediately behind the birds. Also when a single bird is photographed it's more pleasing if that bird is situated slightly to one side of the composition, facing towards the centre so that it appears to have space to move into. Generally the centre of the picture is the least interesting place to have the main subject. Hope this is helpful None of this is of much importance when taking your usual pin-sharp close-ups with the background thrown way out of focus.

    1. Thanks for your advice John. I think I would have done much better if I had the long lens, but was purely trying to concentrate on improving the image of the bird in post production and probably overlooked the composition.

  3. The snippets are always beautiful to see.
    Shy birds but oh, so nice :-)

  4. Apesar do problema com as lentes... as imagens estão fantásticas, assim mesmo!...
    Excelentes registos, Roy! Abraço


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