Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Amongst the Apples

Apologies for the poor quality of images.
I was shooting through a hedge at the time. I had approached this group on one occasion already and having seen me they flew off immediately. So I left the area and returned a short while after.

When I shot these images there were Fieldfare, Redwing, Song Thrush, Blackbird and Starlings feasting on the fallen apples. An orchard is a good place to find the visiting 'Winter Thrush' species at this time of year.


  1. A few years ago I was organised enough to pick some apples and crab apples from the hedgerows around home, store them in the shed, and put them out a few at a time for the birds. I had a nice little group of Redwing outside the window for a few days - till the supply ran out!

    1. They tend to move about and know where all the orchards are John.

  2. That was a great find and wonderful that by spying on them you photographed them all

  3. You can at least see that the field birds, starlings and blackbirds are :-)

  4. Santa Claus came by a second time.
    Superb Roy !

  5. Hello Roy
    there you can be satisfied, in such a situation, to get such beautiful pictures
    Greetings Frank

  6. Hi Roy, nice pictures of beautiful birds. Greetings Caroline

  7. É o que se pode chamar... a real wild party!... :-D
    Mas que grande banquete!... Estão óptimas, assim mesmo, as imagens, Roy!
    Um belo momento, muito bem registado! Abraço


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