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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Song Thrush

On a very cold morning I found this Song Thrush during my walk, it was searching around amongst the leaves for food.
It is always good to find this lovely bird and take a few shots.


  1. They seem to be very thin on the ground around here. Nice to see them, even in pictures.

  2. Hei Roy! Kauniita kuvia. Onko siellä pakkasta?

    1. Kiitos Anne. Meillä on ollut lunta. miinus 8 celsius edellisenä iltana.

  3. Some lovely captures here Roy...[;o)

  4. Hello Roy,
    Yes, it's a lovely bird and it's always pleasant to meet it. Yours images are very great.

  5. Indeed it is a lovely bird and your pics are great!
    I like the environment, quite natural in northern Europe.
    I took very different pictures of a few in Spain last week.
    Many thank Roy for your kind visits while I am away :)
    Enjoy the end of the week, all the best :)


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