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Saturday 2 December 2017

Snow Flurries and Robins

Todays post is mostly about snow flurries and Robins.
When I started out on the walk the temperature was around 2° celsius and near the edge of the three lakes it was more like 0° celsius and it never improved all the time I was out.

The first Robin I had to shoot through the hedgerow, it was sitting nicely in the sunlight.

It moved along the other side of the hedge and I was able to get another shot.

In the image below it looks a nice enough day, but there was a really cold Northerly wind blowing and the clouds in the distance looked suspiciously like snow clouds to me.

The usually groups of Mallards were flying around.

Yes, that definitely looks like snow to me.

Sure enough it did start to snow, but it didn't pitch or last very long, so unfortunately no snow scenes to shoot.


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