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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Scenes from Parkland Walk

Sometimes its just pleasant to walk around and shoot whatever images are available at the time of year, rather than trying to find specific birds or whatever your interests are.
Producing this kind of post shows what you see on your journey and hopefully provides interest.

Grey Heron

Red Dead-Nettle

Beef suckling cows and some of their large offspring graze the open parkland area.

Black-headed gulls are always present.

'Art Filter' image of a tree in the parkland.

Hip Berries from the Dog Rose.

A late Speckled Wood enjoying the sunshine.

Great Tit chasing off a Blue Tit.

Guelder Rose Fruits.

Chestnut Tree leaves on the turn.

More fracas at the bird table.

Mutes pruning session at the water's edge.

Haw Berries from the Hawthorn tree.

A small Dog Rose bush amongst tall dead grass provided an attractive image - maybe.

I was looking over one of the bridges in the Parkland and observed literally hundreds of young 'Roach' (I think) swimming near the surface.

Oak leaves on the turn.


Don't know if these are eaters, have not tried them.


  1. There's always lots to look at for those with the gift of seeing.

  2. Roy, it's always good to get out and observe the beauty that nature provides, I bet the majority of people walk by without 'seeing' any of it?
    A lovely series of images...[;o)

  3. ¡Maravilloso día, querido Roy!. Que tengas un feliz otoño. Saludos desde Asturias.

  4. VAu Vau!! Mahtavia kuvia! Onneksi olkoon!

  5. Your photos are amazing, congratulations! I especially like the Great Tit and the Blue Tit one.

    Best wishes.

  6. Nice variety of things you saw, and great shots! I enjoy a post like that.

  7. What a fabuous eclectic collection os images roy. I never chase birds but wait until nature surprises me. Have a great week ahead.

  8. Love all the pictures.. Well-done Roy..


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