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Wednesday 27 September 2017

A Few Birds

You can tell that its that time of year again as there is not much to shoot and one falls back on the few regular species that come within range.

A Grey Heron wading through deeper water than usual

Sheltering from the wind and hoping to grab the passing mouse or frog

Synchronised Cormorants

I am always complaining that I never see a Yellow Wagtail.
On this occasion I did see a few flocking with Pied Wagtails in open farmland, but that said they were so far away that even with a 600mm lens and 1.4 extender these distant shots just about pass for below average.

A frequent visitor to bird feeders - The Coal Tit.

There always plenty of Swans on the lakes in the parkland to practice on.

If you can find a Lapwing nowadays then...........

..............you may find a few more.

Spot the Starlings.


  1. Stunning photos, it been so nice having the birds come back into the garden this week.
    Amanda xx

  2. Wow beautiful plovers !
    Nice pictures Roy

  3. The Starlings blend in so well I had to enlarge the photos to spot them.

    1. Thanks John, yes I had to look hard when I was shooting them.

  4. Be patient Roy, those migrants are on their way!!
    I can remember, back in the dark ages...when I was a young lad, my dad taking me out into the fields to show me the large flocks of Lapwing...there must have been thousands! A sight, sound and spectacle that I shall always remember. Sadly big flocks like that are few and far between these days!....[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor. Yes I well remember those large flocks and finding nests on open fields.


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