Saturday, 8 July 2017

More Birds

I watched this Reed Bunting below searching for food amongst tall grassland.  
Every few minutes it would then take what it had found to its nest which was located in tall grass near the base of the post in the image.
It was collecting quite a variety of grubs, caterpillars and grasshoppers.

Like all busy parents it really doesn't look at its best at the moment.

More food collecting below. 
The difference being this pair of Great-crested Grebes where consuming it on the spot. 
It may be a pair that didn't brood as I could not see any immatures anywhere.

There were a number of juvenile Goldfinch flying about a location on a river bank. 
This one stopped long enough to feed on a few blackberry seeds.

This Wren really didn't want to be photographed and tried to hide up in the branches of a tall willow tree.

Mr Crow likes to sit on posts observing whats going on around it. 
Specifically it will be on the look out for any ground nesting birds that it can search out and steal.
Crows will fly and quarter whole fields in search of ground nests.


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