Wednesday, 19 April 2017

One Swallow>>>>>

It is true about the old Proverb "One Swallow doesn't make a Summer".
I took this on a day that the temperature had dropped again to about 10 celsius and it certainly didn't feel like Summer. 
Obviously its still Spring here and some days its nice weather and some like this day, not so nice.
With the wind chill where I took these images it was more like 7 celsius.
However, it is the first Swallow I have photographed this year and it was sitting quite nicely on a low wire.


  1. Did you ever rush to get somewhere only to realise you'd arrived far too early?

  2. Kaunista! Toivottavasti pääskynen löytää hyönteisiä.

    1. Kiitos Anne. Se pesii silta lähellä

  3. Always lovely to see the Swallows back, I saw my first of the year at the weekend. You got great shots of this one :)

  4. ¡Maravillosa mezcla de colores de esa ave que no tengo la suerte de conocer!. Feliz Primavera desde Asturias, Roy.

  5. Very good pictures Roy ! Fantastic sharpness.


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